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    Global Locations

    Global Technical Support and Sales

    Being a Top25, world-class manufacturer requires global technical support and sales for customers. Kinwong has four manufacturing sites located all in China. 

    We have more than ten offices abroad to support our global customer base. Kinwong searched the industry for top talent engineering and sales support to fill these offices abroad. Our engineers are experts in manufacturing and quality and our sales teams are industry veterans. Our team is multilingual and provides localized support. 

    They are direct employees of Kinwong, have full understanding of all of our factories technologies and capabilities and are fully capable of supporting your efforts from design conceptualization thru mass production.

    BD Contacts

    Virginia, USA

    Mel Wilson


    Salt Lake City, USA

    Tom Bickner

    FAE Contacts

    North America

    Guadalajara Mexico
    Armando De Vera

    Guadalajara, Mexico
    Arturo Mora

    Milwaukee, USA
    Mike Tucker


    Berlin, Germany
    Christian Kunja

    Munich, Germany
    Ella Ding

    Bordeaux, France
    Frank Lumsden


    Aki Shimamura

    Kuno Motohiro